The problem: The Sydney- Kingsford Smith- international airport had speakers situated throughout the terminals. With time, broadcasting through the speakers became redundant, as new services were implemented.
The problem was now the airport ceilings would be filled with holes upon the removal of all these speakers. It was a cosmetic problem, as well as an insulation issue.

The solution: As the airport continues to undergo developments, CMP, working closely with the team at Kingsford, researched, developed and manufactured the solution Sydney Airport needed, to continue business without any inconvenience to domestic and international commuters.

The tool, developed at CMP, followed by our quality-driven manufacturing process, ensured the spring loaded-blank plastic base was engineered to success. CMP mass-produced the component, delivering on-time and on-budget.

After inspection, we found the product nestled in the ceiling, while commuters filled the terminals paying no attention to our manufactured solution.

Solutions, delivered.