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Process outsourcing; Australian made.

Cut costs, increase profits and achieve a higher quality standard.

For a leading Australian or Global Manufacturer, outsourcing entire or large segments of a production process is a great way to effectively cut costs and stay on top of your game. CMP helps simplify manufacturing processes, having provided successful outsourcing of entire departments for global companies across various sectors. Process outsource allows businesses to focus on their core competencies, knowing that CMP will continue to provide quality products, delivered on time.

We take the time to understand your business operations. We focus on cutting your costs, whilst striving to manufacture your products in a more efficient, quality driven capacity. Whether you’re running your business locally or across multiple markets, CMP can provide a wide range of advanced manufacturing processes, allowing your company to move forward with confidence.

To learn how CMP can dramatically reduce your costs and drive efficiency

Additive Manufacturing

Our 3D printing department offers customers the experience of producing innovative, economical components in minutes.


Offering both short and long term warehousing of finished goods, as an additional service to compliment our manufacturing.

Assembly Services and Packaging

Driving optimal efficiency, we’ve developed a facility of precise sequential operations. Allowing packaging assembly of your products.