Sydney International Airport

CMP Solutions worked closely with Sydney – Kingsford Smith – International Airport, after a ceiling insulation issue threatened to shut down the airport for extended periods at a time.
The airport, which connects Sydney to 46 international destinations, had speakers situated throughout the terminals. With time, broadcasting through the speakers became discontinued, as a new broadcasting medium was implemented.
The problem was, once these speakers were removed, the airport ceilings would be left with holes.
It was a cosmetic problem, as well as an insulation issue.
Filling the holes with plaster was one option, but that would mean shutting certain areas of the airport, which will be time consuming and expensive.
CMP provided a custom plastic solution, titled ‘HoleFit’. The component, developed from initial idea, all the way through to manufactured product, was additionally assembled with a spring-loaded back base to ensure a secure position in the ceilings throughout the airport.
The engineers behind the airports $500 million transformation were filled with high praise for the CMP solution – citing cost, convenience, timely delivery and effectiveness as key factors behind the success of the components.