Vic Andonovski, CEO of CMP.

With over 35 years of industry experience, first as an engineer, then as an industry provider; Vic understands the challenges of the manufacturing sector. Starting from humble beginnings, working first as a laborer in both big and small firms, Vic worked through all levels and eventually became production manager at Containers Packaging, now known as Visy Packaging. In 1999, Vic Andonovski decided to start his own moulding factory, focusing on all levels of customer support. Using his engineering background, combined with his management experience, CMP was established as an innovative manufacturing solution. With a strong client focus, CMP has successfully built partnerships with local and leading global providers.

Since its inception, CMP has grown to a globally, diversified, manufacturer of industrial components – including specialised plastic and metal components, copper and aluminium wire, lighting and power control units.